The World Needs Love, And These Ladies Know Where To Start. Bless Them!


April 13, 2017 Videos

Nothing makes a kid happier than experiencing the love of the people. If you could just hold and “rock” a baby, you could feel their spirits lifting. They become flashier with smiles and happy giggles and kicking legs. They fall in love with you as their major source of joy. Who wouldn’t want that?!

The beautiful ladies in this cool video understand this. These babies have been dealt blows in their early lives, but these mamas are here to wash away all that melancholy. They hold and rock the babies in a manner suggestive of great admiration. From the look of it, you can bet these kids will grow to overcome whatever bad experiences they may have gone through. This is great!


Click play and witness this magical moment in the lives of these little ones.

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