This Woman Decides To Give Than To Take By Helping The Poor Children. So Touching!


August 15, 2015 Videos

Many a times when the word hero is mentioned, what runs into our mind immediately are the war veterans, firefighters, organizations that are nonprofit or the civil servants. Where do we take our daily heroes? One old woman is proving that one doesn’t need to be amazing to create an influence.

This woman by the name of Phyllis Shaughnessy, who comes from Grays Harbor County, WA is fighting kid hunger in her locality by preparing some lunch by the help of Green Lantern Lunches, which is a nonprofit organization. The program is aimed at poor children who depend on free lunches given by the education sector during the school period, making sure they are alimented when the schools close.


In most cases, the packed lunch comprises of nonperishable foods like the canned vegetables and fruits, crackers and Top Ramen. This guarantees food for the children who have nowhere to feed from. This woman Phyllis, does door to door delivery service of food.

To her, this is not a job but rather a calling that concerns of giving help to others. She says that this is her job that she was assigned to do in this world and its worth giving than taking.

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