This Woman Can Communicate With Any Animal, UNBELIEAVABLE But True!


January 16, 2016 Videos

Diablo the leopard grew up in a zoo where he was subjected to a lot of abuse. It was that kind of mistreatment that made him to hate humans and avoid everything associated with them. Whenever a person tried to come near the cage he lived, he could growl as a way of chasing the person away. Those who rescued him failed to discover a way of convincing this leopard to trust them. That was the case until Anna Breytenbach came along.

Anna is a trained and experienced animal communicator who was requested to try and see whether she could help this beast to adjust to his new home. For the past 12 years, Anna has dealt with different species from all over the world and has successfully practiced animal communication. In the clip below, you will be shocked when she communicates with Diablo (whose name was later changed to Spirit.)


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