You Will Cry When You Find Out What Was Awaiting This Young Girl When She Was Told to open Her Eyes!


July 24, 2015 Videos

You have to start loving yourself from a young age. But have you ever considered that others may end up being affected by your self-image? The negative body image of most mothers is mirrored by their daughters. Once you watch this, you will understand it all.

Here, a body-positive messaging campaign is being carried by Dove that targets girls with curly hair who wish they were straight-haired. “Love Your Curls” is the title of the video in which the young girls were interviewed by Dove and you will end up being surprised by the way they reacted. The study revealed that in 10 American girls that are curly-haired, only 4 believed looked beautiful!


Being ashamed of their hair is what most of these young girls expressed. Celebrating the unique traits that mothers and girls have is what Dove was reminding them to do. Mums are advised to give their daughters surprise celebrations when they least expect as a way of appreciating the lovely curls they have.

The value of empowerment and acceptable is the message which this video is trying to put across. Having a body image that’s positive is one of the best parenting lessons that any parent can consider giving his or her. This is so touching.

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