Wife Keeps Looking For Her Husband Until He Looks At The Stage… What A Shock!


August 21, 2015 Videos

You really need to watch this following video brought to you by Quaker Canada!

The video starts when a father called Michael and her daughter Lauren, are asked one very easy question. It’s about what they have always loved to do. Surprisingly, they give the same response with the wish of wanting to have more time together.

That is when the two do something wonderful. The daughter requested her dad to come and help her dance in front of a large multitude, during some summer dance recital that was nearing, and take Lynne, her mum, completely by surprise. The issue comes up since dad has never danced on stage and he is not a good dancer.


Finally the long awaited night arrived, and dad was nowhere to be seen. His wife tries to call and write him a message, frightened that he will not be besides her and the seat will be unoccupied. She never knew that he has been secretly practicing behind her back for the dance for 5 days. Now watch the way the multitude reacts… so funny!

This portrays how some parents can do anything to see their children happy. What are your thoughts over this dad’s dance? Let us know by leaving your comments in the section below.

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