When He Brought This 98-Year-Old To The Piano, No One Thought Much About It, But Then? Wow!


April 1, 2016 Videos

There’s a certain saying that warns people against judging things or situations by face value. Sometimes you just don’t know what lies underneath the appearance, until you actually do. Looks like it’s the same case in this video here!


Josh Turner is a famous country music singer, and this time around, he was attending the Grand Ole Opry. Now, Turner happens to have a 98-year-old lady for a grand-mother-in-law, but the catch of it is that this aged lady loves to play the piano. So when Turner came on stage and brought Lois Cunningham with him, no one really expected much out of it, but that’s before the lady started her thing with the piano. You must admit that she’s quite a player. The better news? She was working the piano for the song, “How Great Thou Art,” and that makes everything even more rhythmic and lovelier given the song’s powerful tune.

Watch this clip here and witness this lady’s talent at work. Everyone loved this, and you will too. Don’t forget to SHARE the video on Facebook and also express your views in a comment. Cool!

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