He Went Live On TV To Make An Impersonation. What Happens Here Will Make You Smile For Days!


December 9, 2015 Videos

Something happened on a showback in 1977, andwe’re still obsessed with it. It all boils down to one man’s “expertise” in impersonating other popular people.

So it’s in 1977, and one Andy Kaufman is on Tonight ShowWithJonny Carson. Now, Andy is the kind of cool guy that will pull someone else role with much ease, and this time around, he’s decided on something. Andy Kaufman can be Elvis Presley!


This video will surely leave you smiling for long. Watch as Andy impersonates Elvis on the show, and in such a cool manner that he even goes ahead to sing some of Presley’s hits. When Andy takes on tunes like “Blue Suede Shoes” and “Love Me,” you can only see Elvis in him, and you love that.

So go ahead and checkout this incredibly lovely video and get really impressed by this man’s special talent. You’ll love it so much as to want to SHARE it with everyone on your Facebook friend list, and that’s cool. Also drop a comment in the comment section and tells howawesome you find this. Too nice!

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