His Way Of Singing The National Anthem Left Everyone Thrilled. Got To Listen To It!


June 16, 2015 Videos

Nobody expected Nick Fradiani, a newly American Idol winner, to sing the National Anthem before a multitude of people at Capitol, the way he did!

From the recent victory at the popular television show, everybody thought that this winner was to appear with a magnified ego and some superiority. This was proved wrong when he stepped on stage together with the marines, and performed with a modest attitude all the way.

In many occasions, superstars, pass their time bragging about themselves. To the contrary, Fradiani just laid low, while showing off his amazing vocals. This 14th American Idol,indeed sang surprisingly well, a very difficult song. He made sure he sang our National Anthem, the way it should be.


When he finished singing the National Anthem, he concluded with a respectful bow, maintaining the respectful attitude all the way. This is not common from popular singers, as most of them will want to draw all the attention they can possibly get. This singer demonstrated to the Nation his true self, by performing the National Anthem with a perfect style.

Singing the National Anthem, demonstrated his loyalty to the nation. He is truly an American citizen, by giving the Marines and the country at large, the respect they deserve. A song entitled, “The Star-Spangled Banner,” was one to which this singer sang with calmness and passion, which made it so sweet to the ears.

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