After Watching This Ventriloquist, You’ll Need Some Stitches. I’m On The Floor!


June 23, 2015 Videos

America’s Got Talent is that kind of a talent show that brings in new and more exciting things every season, and time and again, the audience is left in such an emotional mood as to warrant a standing ovation to some of the most interesting performers.

In one of the former seasons of the show, a ventriloquist took the money home. And it seems like Earth is still ripe with more talented people, as you’ll decide when you watch this guy, Paul Zerdin – also a good ventriloquist-take to the stage and move the crowd in one of the greatest performances of the season. They had to stand!


Paul has Sam, the puppet with whom he talks to in such a comic manner that everyone in the room is left panting. Get ready, because I guarantee that by the time this video hits the last mark, you’ll be writhing on the floor with a cracked rib.

The fact that another ventriloquist won the competition, in a previous season, gets us all thinking about this other one.

Watch and get hysterical. Drop a comment and say what you think of this performance. If your rib is aching, please SHARE the video and have your Facebook friends going hysterical.

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