Watch How This Kid Reacts When He Discover Who’s Behind The Wheels… So Priceless!


March 19, 2015 Videos

In our lives, it’s the amazing stories  that we do which matter most. The video you’re are about to watch provides the best example of that mindset. If features a child’s joy and watching it will surely leave you with lots of happiness.

This video was uploaded by jfro on YouTube and it features one Norfolk Southern engineer and his wife who comes along with the kids. Mother and kids are on their way to Binghamton, NY and are sited at the front.


Though the son has previously made several trips with a train, he has never known that his father drives one. At such an age, most young boys love trains and you can imagine the kind of excitement he is in after the discovery. The bond between a father and son is one of the strongest and this one is likely to become stronger.

The way this boy reacts is so priceless. Just the sight of seeing his father at work took him to another world. He’s shaking with delight and his eyes are full of tears. The comments of the other siblings also made me happy- mom must be so proud to have such an adorable family.

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