They Were Walking When They Heard A Cry, What They Found Out? OMG!


December 6, 2015 Videos

For God’s sake why do other people behave worse than animals? Last Friday in California, a day after thanksgiving, around the evening hours, two sisters were having a walk towards their home, when they had a cry. One of the sisters thought it was a cat meowing, but the other insisted strongly that it was a baby. They decided to call the 911.

Upon reaching the scene which was at some pavement, the police sent the dog inside the pavement and out it came with a newborn baby girl of not than a day and a half old, and still wrapped in the hospital towels. Sargent Marvin said that if the baby was to stay there a little bit longer, she would surely have died because of the cold temperatures. He also would not understand why such a parent would have done such a thing when there is a Baby Safe Surrender at any hospital for those parents who think that they cannot take care of their children.


A nearby neighbor said that he really needed to get hold of the person who did such an act. The police are still looking for the parents who buried their kid at the pavement so that they can face murder charges. As for the baby, she was taken to a baby care center where she is doing fine.

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