She Went Back To Give Birth, Wait Until You Watch The Joy OF Those Around Her…


June 20, 2015 Videos

Emily started off her life as an orphan within the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust located in Kenya. Lucky was on her since she was able to spend her adulthood in the wild. Then, in the 23rd of December 2014, something miraculous took place. She went back to the Wildlife Trust willingly – not as before but to give birth. With the help of the Keepers who had watched over her growing up, she successfully gave birth to a healthy calf.


Emily’s decision to go back thrilled the Keepers as they shared the rare moment of intimacy. She knew under the care of the Keepers, the baby was in safe hands since she had previously experienced what it means to be around them. When baby Emma was finally on her feet, all the ex-orphans and the Keepers were happy. Those who were big enough lifted the baby off the ground with the use of their trunks.

At the moment, Emily has two daughter: Emma and eve. They are lucky not to be orphans like their mother who had found herself in the unfortunate situation back in 1993 when she had fallen into a pit latrine.

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