Her Beautiful Voice And Her Perfect Outfit Matched The Show. Her Performance? Incredible!

Everyone knows well that Jenifer Lopez is one of the most talented actors around. She is also a musician who has always impressed her audience. I am sure no one will forget her groundbreaking performance on the American Idol. As for me, that’s what I call talent! This performance proves that she is qualified to give advice to other aspiring superstars. As much as her voice was beautiful, her dress was incredible!

My jaw almost hit the floor the moment I set my eyes on her dress. J. Lo’s dress was perfect for this show. Some ladies would be bullied if they wore such a dress, but in this performance things are different. I am sure that enough time must have been spent on J. Lo’s dress to come up with such an incredible artwork. Her outfit and her beautiful voice matched perfectly with her song “Feel The Light.” I have watched many talent shows, but this one blew me!


If you never saw J Lo’s performance on the American Idol, then you need to watch this clip!

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