Veteran And His Wife Are Invited To Watch A Football Match, Then This Happened… What A Lifetime Surprise!


October 17, 2015 Videos

On the 4th of July, we celebrate the independence of our great Nation (USA). The independence was achieved after our soldiers fought really hard. Jerry Holcomb,a US Army Sergeant, together with his wife and their kid, received an invitation to watch the FC Dallas football play at their stadium.  They went there to watch the game. During half-time, Mark Followill, the game announcer went on to the field and announced that it was a special night for the Dallas community to have Holcomb who is a war Veteran. The announcer told the game spectators to stand and honor him for the service he did for the nation, then he told them to turn and look at the screens.

On the screen, was Mike Mishler the owner of Mishler builders, Texas, and Phil Clone who is the executive director of Mishler builders in Dallas.They honored Holcomb for his service as an army. They announced that an organization called Back Home, which constructs mortgage homes for wounded veterans and their families, had offered him a home.


When asked what he has to say about that, Holcomb, just spoke the sentence “I’m lost for words” while shedding tears of joy with her wife.

Watch the video below to find out what the organization said and the touching moment in general. Please SHARE this video as a way of giving honor to our veterans!

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