These two musicians play piano while striping. How they do it? Unbelievable!


March 24, 2015 Videos

In this world, it seems that everyone needs their time of fame. Sometimes the talent is not just enough and because of that, some musicians always go further by introducing something extra.

Therefore, one has to be superb in something, and that is quite evident from the numerous shows we have seen all over the world. If you are an artist, you must come up with ways to make yourself stand out.


In this clip, we see two musicians BenediktZeitner and Dominik Wagner. The German musicians are talented, and they are always known to introduce something extra in their performance either magical or comedic. The two are the only duo in Germany, and so they consider themselves the best duo in the whole of Germany.

They always call themselves “Ass-Dur” in their performances. Their performance is always like a concert. I mean there is always something new the audience would expect from the duo. If you are one of the guys who missed this performance in 2009, then this is a good chance for you to catch a glimpse of what took place during the show. Watch this clip to the end and see how the two strip as they play the piano. Surprisingly, the two never missed even a single key.

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