Two Famous Vocalists Join Hands To Perform “The Prayer,” What A Wonderful Performance To Watch!


November 9, 2015 Videos

The clip below clearly shows how talented this duet comprising of Celine Dion and josh Groban is. It starts with Celine narrating how she came to know Josh 10 years ago when she was supposed to perform “the prayer” with Andrea bochelli at the Grammies where David Foster was conducting a huge orchestra. While on stage, she was nervous waiting for Andrea to arrive so that they do the rehearsal. She further says that when he came, he told her to rehearse with Josh Groban who was 17 years at that time since he was going to be the one to sing the song. Celine got confused when she saw Josh who looked like a 12 year old boy. And with that brief history, the two began performing the Prayer song on stage.


The crowd was so touched with the performance that they shouted and applauded in a massive manner. When it was over, Josh had to confess that he recalls the occasion as if it was yesterday, when David Foster told him that he was going to interpret the song with Celine Dion. He said to have nervous at that time on stage with a paper on his hands and trembling, but he finally was able to overcome the tension he had and sang.

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