These Twins Are Seeing Each Other For The First Time, And They’re Doing It In Fashion. Cute!


July 16, 2015 Videos

When growing up, most of us will agree that they felt some jealousy towards the other kids who had a twin sibling. After growing up,we are now jealous of the moms and dads who have twin kids. It never ends, does it?

But what brings the best feeling is actually growing uptogether with a twin sibling. There’s always that something with twins that makes them almost inseparable. But perhaps the better part of it all happens during or just moments after birth.


In this video, you get to see two kids, Reese and Leonidas, and you’ll surely love what you see.Lonie Paxton works for GoPro, and he shot this video. The better part is that these kids are actually his. The daughter decides to publicly demonstrate her love and affection for the brother, and that’s something that’ll make you feel some warmth at heart. It’s just so adorable watching these twins. So cute indeed!

The videos captured the great moment when the two meet for the first time on Earth – they spent some cool 9 months together, didn’tthey?

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