Tom Hanks Decides To Break People’s Ribs With His Hilarious Acting. You Can’t Miss This


May 23, 2016 Videos

Anyone who’s ever watching any movie with a cast including one Tom Hanks will bear witness that this guy is a real actor. Tom has the skills to bring the theme of his acting to life everytime he decides to throw in a dash of his unique skills. Now this video here is going to put you to the ground. You’ll fall for this!

So Tom is now a father, with a daughter, Sophia, who’s really into the pageant contests, so Tom, a nice dad, is helping his lovely daughter prepare for the contest. But it’s just the way these two go about it all that’ll leave you writhing on the floor. Not even Jimmy Kimmel can keep mum on this!


This was aired on TCL’s popular show, “Toddlers and Tiaras.” Everyone in the audience is dying with laughter as Tom and his fake daughter go about their business. He even sews his daughter’s pageant gown!

You really can’t skip this. Watch it right now and get a reason to explode your neighborhood with some loud laughter. Be sure to also SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook so they can get their ribs hurting too!

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