Toddler Has A Special Salsa Version. Watch How He Shuffles His Tiny Feet… AWW!


April 29, 2017 Videos

When the music starts playing, most of us cannot keep still. Even when we do not understand the lyrics, we will tap our feet or nod our heads swaying to the rhythm.


Baby Isaac is 15 months, and when he hears a good music, nothing can stop him. The toddler hears some salsa playing. He quickly breaks into a dance. However, his father encourages him to continue dancing behind the camera. The little man can bust some serious moves. Besides being a good dancer, the toddler has got the looks too. Watching him dance is contagious enough; you cannot keep calm too.

Isaac’s parents say that’s the boy’s version of salsa. I think his salsa version is easy to learn too.

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