By The Time The Lady Was Done, People Were Crying. See What Happened And Tear Up!


November 27, 2015 Videos

Bindi Irwin is a really nice lady, but she’s also a talented performer with the cool kind of a talent that would impress the meanest judge. But it’s not about whether or not she has a talent that has people talking now. It’s about what she recently did with it!

So Bindi went to perform on “Dancing With The Stars,” and she ended up pulling off something that’s about to go down in history as the performance that made the world cry…and in a really touching way.


For her final dance, Bindi did what no one expected a performer to do. She dedicated that last performance to her late dad, and went on to take on a special kind of performance that had everyone tearing up. To say the truth, this is the kind of thing you don’t want to miss.

Check out this cool clip and see what the smart lady did that brought tears to people’s eyes, and you might want to have some tissues nearby by the time this ends. Please SHARE with all your Facebook friends, and also drop us a comment and let’s know how much this touched you!

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