With You, Till The End. “Denali.” Watch This!


June 13, 2015 Videos

We have come across many loving dogs, but the story of Ben and Denali takes you to the corner of a man-dog relationship you never thought was possible.

Ben Moon is a photographer, and Denali is his lovely dog. When the two met, it was instant love, and those flames have never gone off. Even after Ben and his girlfriend broke up, the two never quit on each other. They left Portland together, and they travelled the western United States together, from the beaches to the hoods and back to the towns.

But tragedy comes without a knock, and Ben was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. But even the efforts of the hospital staff to get Denali of the room during Ben’s surgery couldn’t get the dog to leave his master, and he firmly stuck in there, staying by Ben’s side till he beat the illness.


This dog had a part in Ben’s career, sometimes appearing on magazines. However, in 2014, cancer came for Denali, but Ben wasn’t about to abandon his faithful partner of many years. He cared for him. When the illness got the better of him, Denali became weak, but Ben asked him to stay with him just another month, so they began to shoot this good film. This video was named after him.

A month later, Denali had a bad cough and passed away at 14 ½ years of age.

This kind of love between a man and a dog is rare, and we celebrate Denali’s life. Please watch and SHARE this video with everyone you know!

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