I Thought She was Any Usual Pregnant Woman, But What She Did Next Left Me In Stitches!


April 20, 2015 Videos

Though pregnancy is such a beautiful time that demands women to be verycareful, it does not mean they should not grab some laughter here and there!

This video features Just For Laughs pranksters who are based in Quebec, and the fun they are making revolves around “pregnant” women. Most people who are not expecting what they are doing fall victims of their pranks. Though their pregnancy is fake, the created hilarious moments are so original.


How will you have reacted if you were the one who say a pregnant woman walking into a bathroom and within a few minutes she come out with a baby?This video brings to you different people’s reactions whenever they are faced with absurd situations.

We always love seeing you happy and whenever we come across some of these hilarious moments, we ensure we have shared with you. If you have already missed some of those we have already posted on our platform, begin by watching this and then find search them to enjoy.

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