She Thought He Was Any Cute Kid… His First Note Was Enough To Send Her To Another World!


March 30, 2015 Videos

In many a time, judges expect challenging and tricky situations where they have to really struggle to choose the outright winner of any competition they preside on. That means they have to really look into the finer details to decide who wins and who loses any completion. Though that’s the case, there are situations in which you don’t need any kind of professionalism to notice the kind of talent that a particular participant has.


This is Australia’s X Factor where Jai Waterford was one of the participants. During that time, the kid was only 14 years old and he went on and gave a very mature performance. When you hear the boy sing and play guitar, you certainly think he was been doing that the whole of his life. His connection with the song and the way he does his thing is enough to show us he is a boy destined for fame. I’m not surprised one of the judges told him to do away with everything in his diary and concentrated on his musical career. So talented!

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