Mailman Makes A Shocking Discovery When This Woman Doesn’t Show Up To Pick Her Mails!


September 11, 2015 Videos

Chris Feldhaus has worked for 15 years as a postman in Belton. That is why he is so familiar with the people on his work route

He says that some of the residents come out of the house to have a conversation with him. Since he is very observant, he took note that one of the woman that he delivers mails to had stopped checking her mail box.

He knew the woman had the tendency of frequently checking her mailbox and that’s why he got concerned. Her letters were spread on the ground, and on the third day he decided to investigate.


The exact location where this woman aged 96 years resided was in Spring Lake. Feldhaus sensed something wrong. He made up his mind to enter the woman’s house, where he found her on the floor. Nobody knows the duration that she had been there, but surely it was a couple of days. She was totally unable to stand up and eat or drink something, not even get to the telephone.

Although wasted, she was conscious. It’s nice as a neighbor to know that the postman that serves you is wise, and can be your savior at any moment. Feldhaus commented that he would have expected the same reaction if they were his grandparents. He said that he got news saying that she is ok, and made a promise of going and visiting her anytime soon.

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