This Casting Crowns Gospel Song Is Just What I Needed To Soften My Heart – Try It!


February 11, 2016 Videos

What really makes you charmed up when you are lonely and things seem to be going wrong? For me, when I fell that I am depressed, I turn to worship songs to sooth my heart. Songs are known to raise your spirits when they are low and also change your mood. Not all people like listening to gospel songs but I bet when you listen to the one in the clip below, you will just want to sing along.

In the clip, you will witness how the crowd get touched with the powerful message the song has, to the extent that some are singing a long and raising their arms high up. What a lyrics to soften hardened hearts and those who seem to have no hope in life! Casting Crowns must have reflected well to compose such a touching song. In the song, he tells us that when we are down and think that all is gone, what we only have to do is to just be Held, thus the title of the song.


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