They’re Only 10-Years Old, But When They Start Performing? Unbelievable!!! Watch This!

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May 28, 2015 Videos

Abby and Sarah are two 10-year-olds undistinguishable twins who really share many things in common. Apart from their identical appearance, they also have the privilege to share the same adorable voices.

It was when they turned about four years of age that they started to sing. Since that time they haven’t abandoned their talent as it can be noted in the video, when they first performed at the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After their performance was witnessed on the Web, Ellen quickly without hesitating brought them to her show so that they could perform. From there henceforth they have been on YouTube pages demonstrating their faculties.


The following video shows the two extraordinary twins performing “I’m yours” an audio cover of Jason Mraz’s hit song. Their sweetened voices made a perfect counterpart for the love song.

It’s no doubt that the two are having their good time performing in different places. God! Only that are 10-years of age but they do everything; singing, and playing guitar.

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