These Little Twins Have Something To Pass Across. What They Do Will Surely Warm Your Heart!


November 25, 2015 Videos

If you happen to ask any parent what he/she loves the most, be sure of getting one definite answer, and that’s the kids. It is said that the children are a blessing that comes from God. I personally love kids because of their giggling which makes me feel happy whenever I’m sad or distressed.  In the clip below, you will find why children will never stop to amaze us.

When daddy had woken up to go and check on his twin sons and check how they were faring on, he was stunned to find them awake too. As a routine, he got one of the twins from his bad and took him to the other so that he can say hi to him. Whentwins Merle and Stignsaw each other, they knew that they had unresolved issues that they needed to discuss, but in their language so that their daddy can’t understand.


Apart from their lovely smiles and charming faces, these twins will make your day with their conversation. It was such a wonderful moment that dad never wanted it to go unrecorded so that he can show it to them one day when they are big enough and ask them what they were talking about.

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