The Cat Decides to Sleep In the Funniest Place. You Cannot Imagine!


July 30, 2015 Videos

This is one of the oldest tales. The tale is about a cat which took the dog to the bed having the least regret as possible. The dog only whimpers about it. In a nut shell, we completely get to understand the nature of cats and dogs. I respect the cats for doing what they want regardless of the time while the dogs for being committed and so sweet.


Farina the cat and her sister Maeby cuddle down to have a nice sleep. BecauseFarina sees no dog’s bed in around, she remains with one option which is her sister. When this clip started playing, I had it in mind that I would see one of those unusual moments where the dog and cat are friends and stay together for a nice snuggle. I was not very far from the map even if Farina appears to be ridiculous and her sister decided to offer her own bed to her friend.

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