This Is What We Call The Miracle Of Prayer And It Happened To A Drug Addict. You Surely Need To Hear This!

We never know when a miracle will happen to us but what I know is that God is there to perform them when we really are in need.

In the clip below, we hear of a confession that proves to us all that Our Loving God is powerful, merciful and tender to us. The clip features a guy by the name of Thomas, who has been a total wretch in his life because of being addicted to heroin. Thomas is a married man with a wife and a kid but due to heroine, he stopped working and had to do the unexpected like stealing the money that his son had stored in the piggy bank so that he could buy heroine.


The addiction brought problems in his family as they kept quarreling with his wife, and on one of the arguments, his wife told him to pray to God, a thing that he never did from the time he was small boy. Thomas decided to pray to God asking him to save him from the drugs and to help him financially. Miraculously, the following day, a rich business man who usually travels and issues money randomly to people happened to meet with him and handed him some money. This seemed more than just a coincidence to him, as it was only a day before when he asked God to help him and already he was having money he never worked for.

Watch the touching clip below to hear what he had to say about this. Please SHARE this clip with all your friends on Facebook!

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