Teen Hands Backpacks To Homeless People. The Contents? I’m So Touched!


October 5, 2015 Videos

During his free time, Ryan Guerra gets himself busy by working at a supermarket in Iowa. The salary he gets from this work, he only uses a half of it and the other half is for helping the needy ones.

He collects the basic stuff like recyclable bottles of water and toilet papers and puts them in “Care Backpacks,” then later gives them to the homeless people in his locality.

In the clip below, we witness Guerra handing out the backpacks to quite a number of homeless people who seem to be very grateful. Without doubt, this boy has a helping heart.


Chris Weaver revealed to Iowa’s KCCI that some of the residents were never concerned with homelessness, and if they would be having a chance, they would have wiped them from the world. He gave his thanks to the other people who come in to offer them a helping hand.

What Guerra believes is that by helping, others will be also motivated to help the needy. He said that his hope was that the fortunate ones should realize and start giving out to the unfortunate.

To help Guerra reach out other need people and help them, you can donate to his GoFundMe page.

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