Tears Fell Down When He Heard Of A Song He Wrote 44 Years Ago!


June 19, 2015 Videos

Pay attention, all those who love music in the world!

December 2012, was the time, annual Kennedy Center Honors,which awards exemplary lifetime achievement in the performing arts, was aired by CBS. This was the year that British classic rock band Led Zeppelin was one of the attributers.


One of the greatest rock songs of all the time is definitely “Stairway to Heaven,” released in 1971. It is a legacy to the guitarist to know each note of the intro. Ann and Nancy Wilson, members of band Heart stepped on stage in the Kennedy Center Honors finale, their interpretation of ‘stairway’ went booming immediately. The front man of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, nearly went on to shed tears as John Bonham’s son Jason, Led Zeppelin drummer, joined the Wilson sisters on drums. Stairway is a pretty hard song to interpret lively, due to its anthem energy, climax building, and intricate vocals, yet Ann was able to manage the rock song, leaving the crowd with their mouths open.

If you take a look at the video, you will be up from your seat by the time it is ending!

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