While Taking A Group Photo, These 5 Lifeguards Hear A Scream, On Looking… It’s Unbelievable!


September 25, 2015 Videos

Do miracles exist?

There are some things that do happen that can only be defined as being extraordinary. In the following clip, what happens can be only described as a miracle and there were angels at the beach on that fateful day.

From this video, you will certainly note that learning lifesaving techniques has no age limit. This is because the need to apply them comes anytime. When nature decides to do harm by bringing strong waves, no swift swimmer can overcome them, for the life guards at Bondi Beach in Australia can bear me witness. The following video was shot in 2006 at the very same beach.


While the lifeguards were taking a photo, on a perfect day at Bondi beach, a body of a young boy was brought to the shore by waves. The body was identified as Takahiro Ono. He was from Tokyo and his profession was a teacher of English. While at the shore, he wasn’t breathing and the heartbeat was not there. For five minutes, the guards tried to do some first aid to him so as to save his life. Suddenly, something unexpected took place. .

Although it’s very hard to watch how these guards did the CPR on him, the end is definitely great!

Watch the miracle video below and let us know what you think of this man. Please SHARE the clip if you think lifeguards are marvelous people!

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