When This Surgeon’s Son Died In War, He Did This. So EXTRAORDINARY!

Approximately 6,802 troops lost their lives while fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq as of April 2014. This is an immense loss and the associated impacts are immeasurable. Should you be looking for one that understands all this better, Bill Krissoff knows it all!

Almost one year ago, First Lt. Nathan Krissoff of Reno, who is Bill’s son died while in Iraq. He wanted to honor his son to be honored and came up with a plan. He shocked many when he requested the Navy Medical Corps to enlist him. He was an orthopedic surgeon by profession and did that hoping he will be sent to Iraq for an assignment. He was 61 years of age and many thought being considered was almost impossible. As a matter of fact, his years were more than what is required as the minimum age.


Bill never let that to discourage him from his plans. Then one day the unexpected happened, he and his wife were invited by President Bush. During that time, the President had decided to meet the affected families.

You may never understand what Bill had in his mind once you watch this video. While some may criticize him for abandoning his profession to go to war, there are some who will applause his decision. For him, it’s a decision to honor his son

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