She Had Surely Beat All The Odds!! I Was Left Speechless…


June 4, 2015 Videos

Somewhere in New Castle, PA, Brittany Chieze, a muscular atrophy patient earned herself a queen’s crown. This award ceremony took place at the homecoming court of her high school.

Upon birth, way back in 1996, Brittany appeared to be healthy. In the family of Rochelle and Art Chieze, she was the fourth child to be born. The Edmond reports have it that she was slow while learning to walk and had fallen down regularly while she was a preschooler. After countless visits to hospitals in San Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Cleveland, it was clear that she had developed a spinal muscular atrophy. This is a condition that is genetic which hinders her free movement of her muscles. The result was none other than using a wheelchair as a transport means. Slowly by slowly her muscles continued to deteriorate. At her third grade, when she was 8 years of age, she became totally confined to the wheelchair.


Despite of the prediction made that she could not live to see her senior year of high school, she bit all the odds. In the video, you clearly witness the very touching moment as she receives her crown, while being praised by everyone present.

According to her very own words at the Edmond Sun, she said that she was a very fortunategirlwho lived the moment.

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