Super Bowl Advertisement Will Make One Cry!


July 30, 2015 Videos

It was not a must to watch the last year’s Super bowl to see who won. This should not be confused to football
For individuals like me, super bowl concerns two things: the commercial and the snacks. As I think that my buffalo chicken was the real winner at home, the leading winner had to the “puppy love” that belonged Budweiser’s commercial. One does not tend to link cute animals with beer conglomerate. This advertisement became an immediate stylish due to its simple and sweet message.
Gratefully, for this year’s main game, the iconic Clyde dale with his amazing puppy best pals has come back for sixty seconds of tear-jerking smartness. Since I do not want talk much about the commercial, it actually worth having a look at it before the Sunday super bowl.


One should be ready to have his heart melted by the two unusual best friends. Their unusual bond may quite fictional but this advertisement will eventually teach human something about friendship.

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