When He Stops The Performance, Nobody Knew What He Was Up To, And Then This Happened…


June 26, 2015 Videos

It’s on this special day, May 23rd, 2008, and one famed guy is hosting a one-night concert. David Foster is both a song-writer anda great music producer. On This day, he has a cool surprise to dish out.

During the concert, Fosterinvited a few great singers to perform some lovely classic songs. He invited Andrea Bocelli, JoshGroban, as well as Michael Buble, and the fans loved it all.

Now, Michael was performing his hit song, “Home,” when Foster stopped him, and before the crowd could run guesses, something happened. Michael did the one thing that took everyone by surprise.


He invited one Shelton Blake. You’ve never witnessed these two do a duet, but now you will. Watch as Blake applies his country twang while Buble brings in his swagger.You’ll admit that it’s one of those few performances you’ll want to keep re-visiting.

Truthfully, these two musicians can make a powerhouse!

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