Steve Martin’s Tune Called Atheist Have No Song, Will Make You Laugh!


March 1, 2016 Videos

In this world, we all believe in some divine power. Most people believe in God who is out savior and creator, but there are those people who are termed as Atheist. These people are basically nonbelievers. In the clip below, we will be listening to what this comedian by the name of Steve Martin had to say about them.

After thinking of them for a long time, Steve Martin together with his band known as The Steep Canyon Rangers decided to release a song called Atheists don’t have no song. In the song they say that Christians have hymns but as for the atheists, they only sing the blues. Also they put it out that the atheists have many years but never sang a song of faith because they have a rule that God is always a lower case.


You will definitely laugh when you hear this part in which they talk about that the atheists do. They say that they atheists have Sundays free but will never sing a song. Instead of singing, they watch football in their underpants.

Watch the clip below to listen to the full song. Be ready to laugh out so loud the whole day. Please SHARE this to all your family and friends on Facebook!

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