He Starts To Sing “Amazing Grace” At The Voice, Now Look At The Audience’s Reaction, So Lovely!


December 19, 2015 Videos

When I have had a hard and tedious day of work, I usually come home with one thing in mind; to rest. And which is a better way to rest your body than listening to soothing Christian music?


In the clip below, we have the pleasure of witnessing a young man by the name of Braiden Sunshine going ahead to sing in praise of the Lord God who has given us everything. When he steps onstage at The Voice, the whole crowd looks at him eagerly waiting to hear what he has for them. When he opens to sing “Amazing Grace,” the crowd never contains the excitement but to cheer and clap. Anyone who never saw the clip start may think that it is a worship session at a church. For sure, his voice is so angelic that even a non-Christian person will never resist to hear the sweet words.

Watch the amazing performance in the clip below and let us know if it was really motivating and soothing to hear this teen sing to God, by leaving a comment in the section below. Please SHARE this video to all your friends on Facebook!

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