He Started It Almost 50 Years Ago At 23, And Now He’s Back At It. He’s Changed, But It’s All The Same. Unbelievable!

If you’ve ever heard about the Beatles, then you already know how much of a driving force this band was in the music industry since theybroke into the limelight in the 60s. The Beatles was comprised of some 5 guys who hailed from Liverpool, England, and they made a really good name for themselves.


In fact, this band was the stepping stone for some of the greatest musicians in history, Paul MacCartney and John Lennontaking the top spots. However, it’s the smart Paul that’s stealing the show this time. In 1965, he co-wrote the famous hit, “Yesterday,” with John, his cool band-mate. 46 years later, something incredible is happening.

So Paul performed the song in 1965, and revisitedit in 2011, and someone happened to scoop all that and come up with a nice side-by-side video product of it. Now this is going to blow your mind away. Watch the cool video and get entertained. You don’t want your nice buddies to miss out on this intriguing stuff, so you’ll have to SHARE on Facebook to let them “bump” into it. Perfect!

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