He Only Spent $40 Buying The Desk, What Happens Next Will Leave You Stunned!


April 18, 2015 Videos

Phil LeClerc from Weymouth, MA never knew he was on his way to fame when he spent $40 an antique desk. The desk he has bought belonged to old Governor Winthrop and when he took it home, he immediately started doing all he could to restore it.

Secret hideaways and hidden drawers are associated with the desk’s style. Even in the present date, finding a desk who design hides parchments and object from prying eyes is not a surprise – it reminds me of the desk, which the 3 European rules owned during the Enlightenment that cost around $1.5 million.


It was while LeClerc was cleaning and staining his new furniture when he came across a hidden drawer. As if that was enough, more excitement came when an envelope immediately flopped out.

He never knew that shock that was awaiting when he opened the old envelop. Stashed within it were savings in denominations of $10,000, $1000 and $500. They all totaled to $127,000. The $40 was well invested indeed!
What made him the hero of the day is what he did after the amazing discovery. There is no better way of restoring humanity than what happens in these kinds of stories. Unveil the surprise by watching the video below and let us know what your thoughts about his actions are.

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