His Son Died At War, The Decision He Came Up With Left Everyone Baffled!


May 27, 2015 Videos

The impact of war is unamendable, and no one has the firsthand experience, other than Bill Krissoff. In early 2014 in the month of April, approximately 6,802 solders from the United States of America lost their lives as a result of the fighting which was taking place in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

Since his son was killed in Iraq, he developed the urge ofjoining soldiers fighting in Iraq, where Nathan Krissoff, who was a First lieutenant of Leno had been killed. He wanted to join the Navy as a Medical Corp and be of help to the fighters.


In his decision there was a couple of difficulties cropping up; him being 61 years of age, he had passed the age limit for the enrollment and also it would take him like a year to get the age waiver if he was to be given a green light.

Then one day luck struck his way, when Bush, the president by then agreed to meet all the families nationwide of whom their loved ones had died while in war, where he aired his urge and was granted permission by the president.

He finally made it to Iraq where he helped those who had injuries, did miracles as some would have put in the video. Watch it and SHARE this very moving story with your Facebook friends

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