This Soldier Decided To Return Home Unannounced… See What He Had In Mind. So Heartwarming!


April 15, 2015 Videos

It always feels like eternity when I’m away from my wife and kid for a few weeks. So, for this soldier who has been away from his family for more than half a year, I understand how it feels like seeing his family again. He was part of the U.S Army who was deployed in Afghanistan, leaving his wife behind to take care of their 6 beautiful children.

He decides to surprise every family member separately. It reminded me of the other military homecomings, we have covered before. He thought surprising each child individually could make the homecoming more memorable than announcing his return.


You don’t have to miss special reunion and see how his children react when he surprises them with his unannounced visitation. The kind of emotions his reunion evokes is enough to show how the children love their dad.

We have to appreciate our military who sacrifice being with their families to be out there protecting us. Watching this video really touched me!

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