This Six-Year-Old Girl Appears Ordinary… But When She Started Dancing? What A Talent!


March 16, 2015 Videos

This is something I least expected to get from such an adorable young girl!

Whenever you attend a talent show, you are sure of coming across a number of competitors with differing levels of talent. This was the Got To Dance show within U.K where young Mya McDade was one of the participants. Our little “Sweet Surprise,” was only 6 years old by then when she took the stage. Right from her first audition, she was full of talent and judges ended up terming her as one of the best dancers across the world.


It’s hard to predict that she is capable of the many amazing techniques when she starts performing. I can’t remember the last time I was wowed by a young dancer. She shyly takes the stage and her true capabilities come out as the tune changes and shows she’s up to the challenges. Her lively facial expressions combined with her flawless movement were enough to stun the judges and the audience.

Her mother, who happens to be a dance instructor reveals that her daughter performs better when on the spotlight. She might be young but her performance is so mature than what you could have expected from a girl of such an age. This is a girl we expect to take the future by storm since she has all it takes to be there!

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