What This Singer Did To AnInnocent Lady Is Something You Would Wish For. Surprise!


April 17, 2016 Videos

We need to continue respecting our military men and women. Those people leave us in the comfort of our yards and bath-tubs to go out into battle zones to keep us safe from outside threats. They literally sacrifice their own happiness to keep us happy. They deserve a few good chances too, some nice surprises, some good times with their families and friends. You agree to that, and that’s why this video will leave you with a mile-wide smile!

There’s a music concert, and Toby Keith is performing. However, this country star has a few surprises to dish out to the crown, but it is one good lady that’ll get the bulk of it. Brace for it!

As the concert is ongoing, he makes an announcement asking about anyone with someone in themilitary, and one lady comes forward. He invites her onto the stage, but little did she know the ploy she was about get dipped into!


He tells her that he has a surprised for her. What happens next will drive you wild with excitement. It’s her hubby!

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