Simeon Cowell Did The Unthinkable At The End Of His Song. How Do We Call This?!


April 17, 2016 Videos

They say everyone has that strong talent of theirs ingrained into them. That said, singing is a real talent. You’re not going to stand before a mammoth crowd and yell some incongruent words in a pitch-bottom tone. No one would clap for you. You’ve to be a real singer to drop anyone’s jaw in this business. Now, it happens that one Calum Scott loves singing, and you can bet he’s really good at it!

So he goes into a competition, and now it’s his time to hit the stage and do his thing before the audience, including the judges. This audience is in for something big!


Right from the moment he brought the mic to his lips to the last drop of beat, Scott had everyone’s mouth gaping at his cool vocal and smooth lyrical prowess. But that’s not the end of things. Not Yet!

Scott wraps up his performance in fashion, but he had no idea what would happen next. There’s this popular judge, Simom Cowell. Simon was so impressed by this guy that he decided to pull the most expected move. This is too interesting!

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