Shy Kid Gets To Hug A Stranger For The First Time. Guess Who?!


April 11, 2017 Videos

A 3-year-old has something that he never does to strangers, and that makes you curious!
You see, kids love cops. If an officer shows up anywhere near a kid, the little one, especially the boys, will get all curious and chatty. This boy here did more than just chat!

So the cop shows up outside and the kid notices. He wants to go out and greet the authority figure, so he does exactly that. The cop turns out friendly, and the two new buddies immediately strike a rapport and start chatting. The cop then gets down to have a meal. Next? Awesome!


We’re so lucky somewhere was quick enough to capture all this. See how that kid sprints to hug the cop. In fact, his mom says that this is the first time this kid has hugged a stranger. Wow!

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