She’s Busy Preparing Dinner, And Then Something Happens On The Radio. Hilarious!


February 6, 2017 Videos

First off, let’s start by agreeing that everyone has something they really like more than other. For example, you can’t love and want to dance to all the songs you hear. There’s that song that brings out the singer and dancer in you. Well, sometimes it can also bring out your hilarious side too!


Now, have you ever been busy, but then something happens and drives the moment into one whole space of hilarity? Guess what?!

The lady in this clip had no intention of starting a comic show when she decided to make her dinner, but things quickly and clearly got “out of hand” when her favorite song came on radio. It’s “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice, and this mom can’t afford to miss the moment. What happens next is as hilarious as anything that can make you fall over!

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