She Had To Wait For 17 Year For Her Firstborn, But When You Watch Her Sing… So Inspirational!


November 11, 2015 Videos

Most couples take giving birth for granted since it seems like any obvious thing. For them, waiting for 9 months seems to be the only challenge. Though obvious like it may seem, that was not the case for Arkell and her husband. They had waited for 17 years without any hope since all those years were filled with loss and miscarriages. But not long ago, they had to celebrate a little miracle.


Though the child was finally born, baby Kaleb was born earlier by 16 weeks and has to fight to stay alive. Despite that, Arkell is a happy mother and her emotional reaction has gone viral. In the clip the clip below, the happy mother is singing a precious song to express her feelings to the little baby.

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