See Who Makes The Judges To SCREAM When She Starts Singing. So UNBELIEVABLE!


March 13, 2015 Videos

You certainly notice how old you are when the songs you love are referred as “the oldies” by kids. I can’t be far away from the truth if I say the modern pop music cannot be compared to the kind of talent we had sometimes back.

That’s why I have always loved talent shows. When there, you never what you are about to get. You get raw talent out there that’s full of surprises from the small, big and young contestants.

This video features The Voice Kids that took place back in 2014 within the Philippines. We are meeting GiedeLaroco who is 10 years of age and she’s performing “The Power of Love.” This is a song that Celine Dion released back in 1993 and since then many have come forward and tried to match her unbelievable vocal range. Only a few have managed to get close to it though!


This is more than 20 years down the line and Giedie is performing the same song. You will struggle to separate this young’s voice from that of Celine – she sings like she was born to do it! Judges were highly thrilled by the young girl’s performance as it’s evident within this video.

It’s hard for anyone to fail to notice the talent within this girl. The reaction of her parents who are watching from backstage is likely to melt your heart.

I had watched and listened to this video over and over, I guarantee you will also do it!

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