See What The Groom Says To The Bride’s Daughter… This Melted My Heart!


July 27, 2015 Videos

This is the most moving wedding vows I have ever witnessed since I started attending weddings. They have a special touch that misses in the traditional one – I now understand why this clip has gone viral within a short time.

Whitney and Brian come from North Carolina but decided their wedding was to take placein McCall, ID’s mountains. It’s understandable that guys from Pen Weddings ended up falling in love with this couple and their young daughter named Brielle (aka Brezzy).


The two had met a few years ago and since then they have dearly loved each other. Their wedding had a lot to qualify it as an exceptional one, but nothing touched me like their sweet wedding vows. Do not ignore what Brian is about to vow to Brielle and keep an eye on what the bride and the groom exchange! So unique and stunning!

This is what we call an amazing father and husband! Wow!

If you were not moved into tears by this video, you must really be having a very hard heart! Kindly take your time to SHARE with others this momentous wedding!

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